In the past couple of weeks I’ve been examining my relationship with money. The maintenance loan from the government covers most of (but not all) my rent.  Apart from bills, food, & travel, the money I have is for spending on myself. That can mean all sorts of things: clubs, junk food, pubs, getting to and from ceremonies, books etc.

While pondering my personal spending, I thought about how little I offer to pay that extra £1.80 for a friend to catch the bus, or how little I offer to reimburse if they spend money on me. Yet, my attention was brought today to how easily I spend £15-30 on books.

This morning, I saw two offers for e-books (see below), and signed up to both. Even if I don’t get much out of them, I’m supporting people who, like me, want to work doing what they love; who’re trying to make ends meet by following their passion and their heart.

And that is something I fully support.

Love That Room – book to soon be released
Finding your Thing -teleclass & worksheets

And if that isn’t your thing, studies have shown that spending money on others increases your happiness more than spending it on yourself.

What’s your relationship with money like? Are you in debt? How could you give more this week?



One thought on “Spending

  1. Well I think you have filled your generosity quota for a while with the awesome mountain of books you’ve leant me…happy yana!

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