Packing – Spring Challenges

Minimal Student has a wonderful post about her challenge for the Spring University Holidays that I think everyone should read and seriously think about [especially students or those who travel a lot/ever].

Yesterday morning I began packing, despite feeling like my head was about to explode [I had to sit down a few times and get my breath back]. I spoke in December of how little I was taking home:

“The make-up I use weekly, clothes, my belt and jewellery. Umm.. Uh.. Notes, diary, magazines I’ve yet to read and a text book. My laptop and speakers… vitamin tablets, tarot cards.  My “handbag” items and my cuddly toys”

This time, knowing my mother’s bringing her car, a ford KA [instead of the usual Volvo] and bringing my father with her, I don’t think I can even bring my suitcase. In December, the suitcase sat on the backseat while I sat in the passenger seat and my two cardboard boxes + one carrier bag sat in the boot.

As I will be sitting on the backseat this time, I’m setting myself a challenge of only taking one box of clothes home [and one carrier bag of dirty clothes that I love/know I’ll use].

So my final luggage consists of:

  • One box [h11xw8.5xd10”] of shrapnel – books, make-up, knickknacks/photos, Cds, first aid kit, jewellery, stationary.
  • One box of clean clothes [favourite tops, shirt for formal evening, winter clothing I won’t need next term]
  • A carrier bag of dirty clothes I’ll need at home/winter clothes.
  • My handbag
  • Laptop/bag/speakers
  • 6 folders of lecture notes/papers/course folders/handouts + as I’m writing a review this holiday, my last review which got a high mark.
  • Towelling robe/Coat/Hoodie/dressing gown/cuddly toys

What could you live without for a while? Next time you go on holiday; pack your bags and then look around your house. What could you live without?



2 thoughts on “Packing – Spring Challenges

  1. Hey Rose! Thank you so much for the trackbacks! And good for you for taking up the challenge! It must feel great to not have to worry about remembering to bring back everything, not to mention sitting in between boxes in the back of a KA – I know they can be a tight squeeze haha! I hope you have a wonderful Easter 🙂

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