Self Care

Normally, this would be one of my de-cluttering days. I’m going home from my University accommodation to my bedroom at my parent’s house. Usually, this would involve setting down my suitcase and two cardboard boxes of essentials, and looking around; trying to fill up a box or bag with things I didn’t need at University and thus likely don’t really need sitting here gathering dust. If it’s sitting in a drawer back home, it’s unlikely I need it for my everyday living [having survived 10-12 weeks without it]

But I’ve been a bit silly and let my body get run down without giving it time to rest, fruit  and vegetables or enough sleep. So I’ll likely be having a shower and going to bed once I get home.

To update my January goal, I’ve been getting up at 7am every morning since last week [Friday], and had to cut it down to 6am for this Thursday. I felt like I was getting better quality sleep and actually woke up feeling more refreshed after 6.5-7 hours of sleep than I would with 8-9.

This provides two reminders:  no matter what your goals are, self-care is highly important. I may want to get up early; but if I know I’m getting a bit ill, I need to go to bed earlier so my body gets the extra rest needed to heal.

Secondly, though all I feel like eating is processed biscuits and chocolate; my body needs fresh fruit and vegetables at this time. I need to provide enough nutrients for it to heal and rest-time for it to work in.

If you only simplify one thing in your life; simplify your self-care with some form of motto:

My health comes first.

Without your health, how are you going to be able to help people/do your job well/earn money to support your family etc. Our health, in my opinion, is the back-bone of society even more-so than money.

Visit these links for simple diet ideas and for why health is so important.

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