A Simple Post on Simplicity

Taken on Mobile Phone

What soothes you?

What really, truly makes your heart skip and your entire body just relax?

* seeing birds soaring on thermals

* the ocean

* the sun

* animals

* children having fun

* apple crumble/pie

* nettle tea

* a good book

* grass under bare feet

* resting in my partner’s arms with a movie

* the scent of vanilla/cinnamon

* talking to elderly ladies in shopping queues and hearing their perspective on life

* seeing the flowers bloom

* feeling a warm breeze

* singing to yourself

* dancing when no-one’s watching

What can you fit into your day? I had 25 minutes to kill before an interview; so I walked for 3 minutes, sat on the beach for 12 and walked back in time to be suitably early.

Take a moment to smell the flowers, reach for an overhanging tree branch or smile at someone with a dog/child. Connect with nature and savour the simple satisfaction.

What could add to this list this weekend?



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