Word of the Year – Month II

So it’s February and the second month of trying to live in focus.

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to convey my word-of-the-year, Focus, to my meditation group.

While looking for antonyms for “waste” for my previous post, I found Cultivate and Attend. In a way, I feel that instead of focus; which could mean find the detail/hone in, or be aware while doing, or even just have a goal; what I meant is that I wish to cultivate.

One of the main habits I’m trying to break is time-wasting. I’m not someone who can spend two hours frittering around on Facebook, Outlook, Myspace or Twitter. However, I can spend hours with those programs open; not doing ANYTHING, which is almost worse. I splatter and I don’t like it.

At the moment, I’m caught in the social media mindset; the trap. I know I have work to be doing, thus I won’t let myself do anything for pleasure (reading, dancing, making a decent, healthy meal). However, wouldn’t I feel so much more willing to work if I knew I could have time for things I love too? If I could strike a balance between real, accomplishing work and fun activities, wouldn’t it be better than frittering time away doing neither of those?

So for February, I’m focusing on cultivation. In fact, today I did something amazing. No, truly… You’ll be shocked.

I went for a walk without my phone, mp3 player or laptop. In fact, I didn’t even take a watch with me.  Even through my shoes I could feel the different texture of the grass.

You see, today was the first day of sunshine that lasted since early December, I think. The first day I’ve seen a cloudless sky in weeks, and I value nature. I wanted to take advantage. So I grabbed my camera, flask of tea and psychologies magazine, and set off for the field just up the hill from my house.

Maybe reading in nature isn’t for you; but I want you to think back to the last time you truly cultivated your time and did something you loved. Set that task as a priority and do it this week, even if only for ten minutes. Could you work towards one of your 2010 goals?

What aspect, if any, do you need to attend to? It’s still early enough to make a difference and create a new habit.

The only things you have to lose are stress, worry and depression.


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