Simplicity: The List

A couple of weeks ago, I found Man vs. Debt; a blog about so many different topics; mainly focusing around travel and money. One of the most inspiring things the family have done is to create a list of everything they own: totalling under 150 items between them [two adults, one child].  When I mentioned on Twitter that I was compiling a similar list, I had many responses wishing to know more.

So last week, I looked around my University room  and really surveyed each item. I went back to Baker’s post about creating the list and decided I’d write one of everything I felt was “essential” and then work to get my belongings down to ONLY the contents of that list.

I kind of don’t want to put it up, because then it’ll be official… I’ll have to work at it and keep my word [I’m extremely unforgiving when it comes to honour]. However, I can safely say at this moment that it’s a work-in-progress. I started it just after 2am, and obviously have things in my room at my parents house that I won’t necessarily count but would want to keep. Similarly, things like my printer will be unnecessary when I finish my degree; unless I get a job that requires it.

Unlike Baker and his family, I will not be travelling any time soon. In fact I’ll move into a third University room come September and after July 2011; I’ll likely live with my parent and work/gain experience before undertaking further training. Obviously it depends on what I choose to do after my degree; how well I do in it and what those around me are doing. If my friends find a flat in Brighton and I find work here; I’ll stay.

The point, however, is that I have no wish or need to pack all my belongings into a couple of backpacks. I’ll need cleaning agents and duvet covers, kitchen roll and washing up liquid, plates, pans, etc. Similarly, I need my printer while I’m in education, even though it’s bulky and I wouldn’t need it otherwise.

So… I’m going to take a deep breath and share my list with you; as it stands.

I’ve categorized it in the best way for me; yours will likely have different headings depending upon your situation. I feel the need to emphasise that this is *in progress* so bear with me.

Electronic [11]

* fan
* lamp
* printer
* laptop
* speakers
* leads
* microphone
* media hub
* paper
* ink
* cd player/radio?

Hand Luggage [12]

* camera
* music player/headphones
* binoculars
* mobile
* purse
* thermos flask
* umbrella
* water bottle
* keys
* tissues
* torch
* sunglasses

Toiletries [33]

* toothbrush
* toothpaste
* retainer
* mouthwash
* shampoo
* conditioner
* body wash
* nail clippers
* girly stuff
* ear-piercing lotion
* razor
* nail brush
* make-up [two nail varnish, 2 eyeliner, 4 eyeshadows, mascara, vaseline]
* body lotion/hand cream
* soap
* flannel
* deodorant
* face wipes
* vitamins
* sun cream
* first aid kit [painkillers, tubi-grip, germolene, bonjela, tweezers, plasters]
* body spray
* hairbrush
* hairbands
* hairclips

SoulShine [13]

* clock
* watch
* diary
* sunshine buddy
* snail
* Tien-lung [dragon]
* Neko
* 4 photos [big, small, massive panorama, purse]
* earring box
* chinese box

Educational [7]

* books
* lecture notes/slides
* notebooks
* marked work
* usb stick
* psychologies magazines
* calculator

Jewellery [10]

* locket
* butterfly pendant
* bracelet
* 3 rings [pentacle, amber, promise]
* pentacle necklace
* ring necklace
* focus bracelet
* earrings [ten pairs max- received 15 pairs alone for X-mas, going to par down]

Toys [9]

* Mafdet
* Loki
* Tyr
* Pepsi
* Cocoa
* Abu
* Mousie
* Blanket
* Game CDs

Stationary/Craft [10]

* calendar
* poster
* pencil case [sketching, watercolour pencils, normal]
* sketch paper
* lined notepad
* magazines
* books
* paintbrushes

Documents [6]

* driving licence
* passport
* birth certificate
* V50
* exam results
* poems/cards

Altar [6]

* incense
* candle
* salt/herbs
* water pot
* pentacle
* lighter

Shoes [8]

* 2 trainers
* boots
* 2 sandals
* 2 shoes
* slippers/flipflops

Household [14]

* cleaning wipes
* kitchen roll
* scourer
* washing liquid
* washing machine stuff   [can you tell I’m a student?]
* carpet sweeper
* pans
* tupperware
* plate
* cutlery
* sharp knife
* wooden/plastic spoons
* baking tray
* sieve
* mugs

Misc [6]

* backpack
* money box
* suitcase
* 3 cloth shopping bags

[145 items minus clothes+food]

Ideal Clothes

2 Gloves  [normal + fingerless]
2x coat
swim costume
5 trousers [4 jeans, 1 black]
5 skirts [3 long, 2 short]
30 tops?
3 hoodies
dressing gown/kimono

Some of those are cuddly  toys/specific ornaments you won’t be able to apply to your life but I thoroughly recommend making a list like this. Could you simplify your belongings?

What would you do to bring your belongings down to 200? To pure essentials? If you write a list of your own, please share it with us to inspire others.


Image Credit: Wellington_Grey


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