The Year of Accomplishment

Affirming Two’Ten

Everywhere I look, I’m seeing fabulous affirmations for this year. In the turn of a new decade; of leaving a year which was portrayed almost as ‘rock-bottom’; I can see the relief emanating from strangers in the street. The workbooks, to-do lists, books and blogs on resolutions are out; and they’re everywhere.

Living large and dreaming big are the themes for 2010. Everyone KNOWS they have the power to excel, break boundaries and re-define society. It seems this year the whole world has realised that they can do anything and intend to make up for lost time.

With resolutions coming thick and fast there’s an under lying current of passion beneath.  Not only is this wave of motivation sweeping us up, spreading like wild-fire; but it is seeming to stick. Most resolutions taper out by the third week of January and as week 3 tapers off I’m still seeing the tweets, blog update posts and general habit-forming positivity.

Something seems different.

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As for my own resolutions, I woke up at 9:45 yesterday morning, the latest since I began my goal of waking early on Jan 2nd. However, this morning I cut back to 8:58am and shall start over again with bringing that to an earlier start tomorrow.

Currently, I’m not tired until 2am regardless of what time I wake. However, I am more lethargic throughout the day, so my goal is to really exhaust myself to the point of early nights.

Last night, I sat in a circle of half-a-dozen members of the Sussex Spiritual Society and led a workshop aimed at challenging the beliefs and methods of new years resolutions. In a way, it was the blog posts I hope to write for my blog series on habit forming and brought the elements I hope to convey in my up-coming eBook to light.

One attendee explained her love of waking at 6am to run in the quiet, which made me smile and re-vamp my own plans.

Breaking stuff down

Currently, I’ve my Word-Of-The-Year, and four goals to accomplish within the next six months. Those goals are split into simple daily steps and a weekly check-up/completion chart.

For example, goal 1 is to finish my eBook. Daily steps involve writing, planning, researching or budgeting. Goal 2 is to get a 1st in my degree. This involves daily steps of writing/reading/revising and filling in weekly chart depicting at least an hour on each subject.

Ideally, University students are advised to read 200 pages of core texts a week, one article on each subtopic from extended reading [found independently], write up/research/revise each lecture and complete all written assignments. Mock exams should be done regularly and reviewing information from previous courses is a must.

With all that overwhelm, an hour per subject isn’t even close to idyllic. However, current rates are around the mark of 2 hours a week. And that my friends, does not equate to a 1st.

So I’m to ensure I spent 4 hours a week on week; and likely 8 hours by week 5. This is in addition to completing assessed coursework, such as the 6,500 words due in on Wednesday 20th.


“2010. The creed for this New Year is, “be remarkable in everything you do.” You will find that if you just spend a little time thinking about how you can be different you will find yourself more interested in life.

Be Remarkable. Yes this means you will have to work harder in the upcoming year, but it’s worth it. Easy is boring. Safe is lazy. Very Good is bad. Details are everything. Risk is life.” – Aaron A. Madonna

What are you doing for 2010? Have you been caught up in the wave of can-do attitude like so many? Dream Big. Plan Reality. Believe.

Will you make this YOUR YEAR? Your time to shine? Share your thoughts!


Picture Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography


4 thoughts on “The Year of Accomplishment

  1. So true, the strength of conviction everyone is putting into resolutions this year does seem to be a cut above the previous years. I have a feeling some great things will be achieved this decade.

    Quite an inspirational post, Rose.

  2. Very kind of you to mention me! What a great blog you’ve put together! I have this overwhelming feeling there is something special about this year.

  3. My overall goal is to make my life as simple as possible from my budget, to my stuff, to my exercise routines to my everyday diet. I want to get rid of all my consumer & student loan debt. I want freedom from stuff and nonsense.

    Thank-you for your new blog, Rose; it’s a wonderful beginning 🙂

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