Focus Habit

The Focus of Habits

Firstly, happy new year to all and a good luck for all those resolutions you’ve made. As a part of my own self-improvement resolution, I’m forming new habits and I thought I could share what I’ve discovered with you.

My word of the Year for 2010 is Focus. As 2009 drew to a close, I thought about where I should go after this degree. What I should specialise in next year and where I’m aiming for. What purpose and service my blog should provide.

And I’m lost. I’m a jack-of-all-trades, even in my goals. When I think about what I could do for the rest of my life, I want to study language and psychology, to draw and paint and sing and dance and make my own herbal remedies and presents and write stories and poetry. I could make money from any one of these and I’d be doing something I loved.  This year is about discovering, about honing in and focusing. I’ll be choosing my final year topics in a matter of weeks and I hope focus will help me with that decision.

Because that’s the current problem: My future includes ALL of the above listed; and without focus and prioritising, I won’t get far enough to get paid/become skilled. If I spent equal time on each of those options each day; making them a focus, I’d burn out and get nothing done on any of them.  I had this issue when picking my word of the year; even once I’d pulled it from a hat I thought ‘but I want to focus on quiet and on this and on that’.

And asking for your input, though useful, didn’t actually make the job easier; as I’d hoped. So I’ve started with the smallest steps.

I need to find focus in my life. This is just another reason onto the other 15 I’ve given as I’ve let this word sink in.  So I’ve started some new habits; as it’s often said that people don’t lose bad habits, they just have so many positive ones that there’s no room for negative ones.

I found an article at Serene Journey, which led me to Self Help Daily. One post there is called 10 habits we should all adopt – starting tomorrow.

Instead of focusing on lessening negative habits, Joi suggests filling our lives with good habits. The aim of this is to leave no room for bad habits.

The good squeezes out the bad, so you’re left with a double-sided win: You get rid of things that are bad for you and you make room for things that are good for you.” ~ Ten Habits You Should Develop
Where to start?

So what habits have I started developing? What mini-steps have I taken in the direction of focus?

  • I split my blog in two
  • I write down at least two foci for gratitude each day
  • I schedule in time to read during the day – made it a priority
  • I write a bit of blog post a day; from a single title to an entire post; I write something
  • I’m wearing a specific bracelet to remind me to focus
  • I’m working on University papers when I could [and would usually] leave it another week
  • I’ve begun a routine of waking earlier

I know the may not seem like much, but to create realistic and lasting habits, it’s best to start with a few and build your way up. So this week, the focus is on wearing my bracelet daily, the University work and posting a few blog posts. I’ve been focusing on waking earlier for a couple of weeks and feel that’s started to settle now [though to be honest, it’s slipped in this last week. I plan to do a further post on my own tips and hints for this particular habit at a later date].

The quiet hours of the morning are the perfect way to glide into your day.” ~ Make Early Mornings A Habit

What habits could you earn to bring focus into your life?



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