Why Simplicity

Okay so maybe I should have posted this earlier, but I’ve written it now and feel the “better-late-than-never” approach is allowed.

I have too much stuff.
There. I said it. I’m a hoarder, a clutterer. I was brought up with more than enough.

My mother is a wonderful person whom I love a lot. She buys impulsively and refuses to get rid of things. She’ll get upset when I don’t “get rid of that junk”, yet she’s got a couple of dresses she wore when she was pregnant with me… They’ve been too big for her close to two decades. Still they sit in her wardrobe.

My husband, in contrast, was brought up with necessities. His family weren’t particularly rich when he grew up; and having a disabled parent did mean that material items came last. He was brought up with love and health as priorities. I can see how content they are; how little you actually do need.

And I want that.
There I go again. I’ve said it again. I want less.
But it’s not that simple, as anyone who’s even considered minimalism knows.

This is my journey to simplify my ‘stuff’ and I figured why not aim for health, grab a bit of money and snag a couple of friends for the ride? I’m focusing on the simple things; keeping the few friends/things/activities I let in my life valuable and meaningful to me. Regardless of monetarily value; I’m aiming to process my life as I process the de-cluttering procedure. If it doesn’t provide a good service or make me smile/happy; it’s out.

It’s a slow process and needs focus, passion, and patience. I expect to learn lessons the hard way – with both moments of joyous clarity and others of attached tears. I aim to share this journey with you. I’m hoping you’ll share with me your own experiences, questions and solutions so we can help each other.

I aim to post every Wednesday and Friday, so if you can only spare ten minutes at the weekend, there should be new content for you.

So: to celebrate the launch of Simple Wings I’m planning to write a Q&A’s section and would love to hear your questions. Send me an email with any questions about me, my blog, my journey or the weather in England. If you include a link to your blog/twitter in the email; I’ll include a link so others can find you too.

I’m just a young woman trying to simplify and I’m so blessed that you’ve taken the time to read this, to experience this journey with me.

Thank you.

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