Simplicity: Giving & Gifting

If you’ve looked at de-cluttering in your search for simplicity, you’d know that a common theme is to give some items away: Either donating to friends, charity or re-gifting.

This year I received two books, seven pairs of earrings, three bags of toiletries, three sets of note cards and four mugs. Oh, and some chocolates, but I’m keeping those.

Now, as lovely as these gifts are, I know I’ll be re-gifting a couple. I’ve already passed on one of the earrings sets to my mother and she’s given me a necklace she received, to donate to the charity shop I volunteer at.

So, giving is not only a time for Christmas, but for the couple of weeks after as we try to get the presents we’ve been given to be appreciated; if not by us, then give them a loving home with a friend or stranger.

This leads up nicely to something I signed up for last week.

I’ve signed up my first three books for BookCrossing and now just need to find somewhere to release them. All three are somewhat childish books which I never got round to reading and at this rate, it’s likely I’m going to be leaving them in Brighton, possibly around Campus.

I think this is a wonderful way of re-gifting, and it can be a little more rewarding than donating to a charity shop as you get to see the adventures each title takes and hear what other people thought of it. Also, as it’s a take-it-or-leave-it method; you know the person who does take it home will likely be someone who wants it. And that’s the magic.

You can give a present to a complete stranger, and know that it’s very likely they want or will like it.

How to you deal with unwanted gifts? Do you keep them hidden until the ‘gifter’ comes over for tea, at which point you wear/put them on display/use them? I’d love to hear your feedback and if you’ve any other gifting ideas, such as the toy society; please do let me know.

These days, I don’t use the item just when the person arrives. People know I very rarely change jewellery from my usual pentacle and ring necklaces, am wearing these earrings until my holes have healed and have many tops to wear. No one will expect to see their item every time they see you.

Give someone a chance to love it.

Happy gifting,



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