Simplicity: Gratitude

One of the first things I did amidst my de-cluttering, in order to find more simplicity was to focus on being grateful for the simple things. Here’s a by-no-means-complete list I’ve just been able to run up:

I Am Grateful That I Have:

  1. an education
  2. friends who support me
  3. good health
  4. 2 homes
  5. green tea
  6. enough (my rice bowl is overflowing)
  7. pictures of memories
  8. cats in my life
  9. pagans to share the seasons with
  10. opportunities to learn
  11. a working phone
  12. my laptop
  13. enough clothes
  14. food
  15. clean, safe water
  16. moisturising cream for my hands
  17. the ability to sew sock creatures
  18. people to learn from
  19. blogs to read
  20. a talent for poetry
  21. magazines to read
  22. books to read
  23. music to listen to
  24. a voice
  25. access to iron tablets
  26. patient, understanding, loyal and compassionate friends (Yana, Ant, Emerald, Kami and my husband come to mind)
  27. quiet time, alone in my house [for ritual, reading and meditation]
  28. the ability to read and write
  29. make-up to make myself feel good
  30. hot water to wash in
  31. access to brainteasers and puzzles to keep my mind active
  32. challenging (& changing) work [essays, lab reports, exercises, practicals, seminars, presentations and reports]
  33. internet access to share, learn, read and communicate with my husband
  34. chances to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone and face my fears
  35. a man who’ll spontaneously offer me flowers and when I ask for a lock of his hair, won’t even question it
  36. some decent speakers to listen to this years Christmas Number One.
  37. the sensation of my fingers tapping over keys of my pen upon some paper- it’s a form of magic
  38. a camera that, though moody, still works
  39. some sparkly black nail varnish left
  40. new skills by volunteering

I’ve also started finding at least two things in every single day to be grateful for. Either something that made me laugh (TV programs or jokes with friends count) or something I feel blessed to have experienced, such as a meaningful conversation or connection made.

What are you grateful for? Can you list two things a day for just seven days? I’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions to expand my list.



2 thoughts on “Simplicity: Gratitude

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  2. A wonderful list, quite a few things I haven’t thought of! Today, I’m grateful for:

    1. My guitar, and the beautiful music that it creates.
    2. The internet, for all the knowledge it brings me.

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