Clothing Purge: Part ii

My 87 items
My 87 items

The Final Count

Today I went through my two drawers, two wardrobe shelves, three wardrobe drawers and the rail. I discovered that out I have around one-hundred-and-twenty tops (not including yesterday’s 26 favourites). This includes ponchos/baggy t-shirts/’covers’, strap tops and work/interview/going out tops.

Well, not anymore I don’t. Forty-nine of those are in bags for swish swap/charities.

I’ve almost halved my clothing collection. I have about ten tops in the “maybe” pile, which I may get rid of come Yule/ next Summer. I found three more “I love” tops and added them to yesterday’s 26, and I released ten skirts, a pair of jeans, a bag, five hoodies I’ve not worn in years, 5 smart shirts, a ‘cover’, six items of nightwear, 2 hats, a belt and six dresses.

Overall (minus trousers as I’ve yet to go through that drawer), I’m releasing 87 items for others to love and enjoy. However, I still have sixty-seven tops, nine hoodies, nine shirts, three covers, twelve skirts and 8 dresses. –sigh- I guess I’ll have to review at Yule.   🙂

Universe, I release these items, so others may be blessed; in the hopes that I can welcome into my life more friendships, more loyalty and trust and more experiences with Spirit.

My Suitcase
My Suitcase

I’ve also packed my suitcase (which was yesterday’s chore), so I’ve just got to fill the final two-three boxes and I’m all packed. I kind of thought by now I’d know what to pack but a year on, I’m still kind of lost.  Never mind, I’ll survive as I did last time.  

Enjoy your week everyone!


One thought on “Clothing Purge: Part ii

  1. I’m a notorious clothes-horse myself. Just ask my wife when she berates me again for wearing the jacket I’ve had for about 10 years now. it has sleeves, and a zipper still, but is so threadbare and ripped along every seam it’s held together by willpowr alone. Of course, I have lesser-worn things too, but just can not seem to pass them on. 🙂 Kudos for your efforts. I’m enjoying seeing the results of The Great Cleanup you are doing. Someday I might get off my own butt and follow suit. 🙂

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