Organising: Part 3

Today I worked on the top 4 shelves of my bookcase, (inspired by this article) and had a little 5 minute de-clutter of my desk (part of the second half) and a couple minutes on my dresser.

Scarily, I’ve purged my bookcase of 51 books. Some have been set aside for specific friends at university and others I’ll need to keep briefly while they’re sorted into “give to friends” and “give to charity shop” but the hard work is done.


Autumn09 028


Autumn09 035

I used to be a total bookworm and hope to keep up the reading now I’m back to doing it regularly; I’m actually horrified and happy that so many will be out of my room. I’ve still got the bottom shelf to do, but there’s a lot of clutter in front of it, so I’ve left that for another day.

I’ve a few more websites to add to yesterdays list which I found useful today:

I also came across an article by Zen Habits which suggested something I’d not thought of.
Clear The Wall.
It’s never consciously distract me; however, most of the items are Buddhist mantras about stopping work and breathing; becoming aware and present in the moment, so perhaps I need to refresh them so I look more often.



2 thoughts on “Organising: Part 3

  1. Wow, it looks so different after you organised it! I have to say, bookshelves are my weakness because I can never seem to get rid of books, I love them too much! Once I buy them, I tend to keep them for a long time, but now it is getting ridiculous I should take a leaf out of your book and give away and share 🙂

    Ps. Is it me or is that the His Dark Materials trilogy I see you’ve kept there? Win.

    • Of course it is ^_^
      Yeah I’m struggling still. I must have 200-300 so releasing 50 (and i’ve only released 15 of those, the rest are waiting to go..) isn’t actually that many.
      Good luck!

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