I’m so much simpler than I used to think I was.

I’m just a girl, with beauty to some, intelligence to others, charm to many, and annoyance to a few.
I want to get good grades, become a success, earn enough money to live a healthy life, stay in a stable relationship with friends and my husband, and have kids.
Give me a room (with enough space to dance in) with a view (even if it just shows the building site across the road), some mint chocolate, some blankets for a matress and my partner to snuggle with on cold days, and I can be happy.
A 28p notepad and 12p pencil, and some words for me to sing, and I can get through anything.
A book to read on rainy days and a stuffed animal to keep me calm in storms.
Some magazines to spark new interests, and review sheets to keep old skills sharp.
A chair to use as a table, or a window sill, to keep my pentacles, my alter and a small box of make-up: three eyeliners, three eye shadows, some vaseline and 3 pots of varying hue nail varnish.

I know that’s a lot of material things to want, but I think, having been brought up to have a CD player, TV and PC all in my room, a lock on my door, far too many clothes, and access to a good school; that’s a lot I’ve cut out.

And if I lived in that ^, then my first pay-check would go towards some watercolour pencils, some bubble bath, a (fake or real) rose in a vase, some grapes and a set of scales.

Stars Above,
~Celestial Rose~


4 thoughts on “Simplicity

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  3. Ahhh, which to chose as a favorite? So many!
    I love the dancing room with a view….

    So happy you stopped by today…I collect quotes and now I get put in some more great ones! They’re so positive. Enjoy your journey!

  4. Beautiful! I send you luck on the wings of Horus to bring you this life! To have such a clear and not outrageous wants for your life, at your age, is incredible.

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